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Below is a list of the remaining stock of Rampant Lions Press books in print, in alphabetical order. The standard trade discounts are offered to booksellers on these titles: 25% on single copies up to five copies. 35% on six copies or more (orders can be mixed titles). Ordering details can be found on the Contact page.

The Agamemnon of Aeschylus

Edited and translated by Raymond Postgate. The Greek text with a lively English translation and notes. Set in Baskerville and Porson Greek and printed on mould-made paper. Bound in full cloth, with coloured endpapers and an acetate wrapper.

142 pp. 25 x 14.5 cm. 500 copies of which 250 signed by Postgate.

Unsigned copies£20

Signed edition out of print.

Collecting Rupert Brooke

John Schroder describes how he built up his notable Brooke collection, whose Catalogue the Rampant Lions Press published in 1970. His account is full of insights into how to cajole material out of reluctant vendors, and presents a nostalgic picture of a kind of collecting by enthusiastic individuals which is become ever rarer. Set in Baskerville and printed on Zerkall laid mould-made paper, with four pages of reproductions of manuscript material, bound in patterned-paper-covered boards.

26 pp. 25 x 15.5 cm. 250 copies.£35

Grigson at Eighty

Essays, poems and a drawing to honour Geoffrey Grigson on his eightieth birthday, by Gavin Ewart, Roy Fuller, Richard Ingrams, Anthony Thwaite, Fred Uhlman and others, edited by Robin Healey. Set in Bembo and printed on Abbey Mill antique laid paper, bound in a printed cover.

64pp. 25 x 15.5 cm. 375 copies.  £15

There was a cased edition of 75 copies, printed on Hahnemuhle mould-made paper, out of print.

In Praise of Letterpress

Ten broadsides in A4 format, with characteristic texts by many of the gurus of letterpress from Moxon to Blumenthal in a variety of settings, together with some more flamboyant displays. Printed in two different colours for each broadside, on a range of mould-made and hand-made papers, including some veteran Barcham Green examples from the Rampant Lions stock. Together with an introductory folder, in a clamshell box covered in grey buckram.

140 copies   £85

Won one of the first Judges’ Choice Awards at the Oxford Fine Book Fair, 2001.

James Mosley

A checklist of the writings of the distinguished type historian, librarian at the St Bride Library for many years, edited by S P Tuohy. Together with two essays by Mosley. Published to celebrate the centenary of the Library. Printed in Baskerville on Hahnemuhle laid mould-made paper. Illustrated. Limp covers.

30pp. 25 x 15.5 cm.   £25

Miscellany 2

A showpiece of Sebastian Carter’s work at the Rampant Lions Press. Like The Rampant Lions Press Miscellany of ten years before, which was produced jointly with his father, it is a mixture of completed and projected work, and some pieces done just for the fun of it. Many of the Press’s more unusual types are shown, a number of wood engravings and lino cuts are reprinted from the blocks, and a variety of papers used, mostly mould-made. There is a foreword describing the previous decade’s work at the Press, and a checklist of books printed 1988–97. Quarter-bound in cloth with specially-designed patterned-paper boards, in an acetate wrapper.

96pp. 26 x 18 cm. 225 copies£100

There was a special edition of 20 copies with some variant papers, hand-colouring and signed illustrations, in a variant binding. See the ‘Bin Ends’ section below.

More Booklabels by Sebastian Carter

A small booklet with examples of booklabel designs, both drawn and typeset. In series with Drawings, Devices and Designs (1983), Bookplates, Cartouches and Designs (1985), Eight Buildings (1990) and Bits and Pieces (1994).

Printed on Conqueror Oyster Wove, in printed grey card wrappers.

16pp. 13.5 x 10.5 cm. 200 copies.   £5

Painting with Type

Sebastian Carter. Six pictures constructed with the original geometric type ornaments dating from the 1920s from the collection of Hellmuth Weissenborn, and printed in three to five colours on Zerkall mould-made paper. With a foreword set in Grotesque 215. Sewn into Bugra Butten wrappers.

16pp. 18 x 18 cm. 180 signed copies.£32

Poets of the Daniel Press

Colin Franklin. An appraisal of the poets published by one of the very few private presses of the classical period that specialised in new poetry. Set in Bell.

Very limited editions on vellum, hand-made paper and mould-made paper are out of print.

Very unusually for the Rampant Lions Press, an offset edition was produced, reduced slightly from the letterpress setting, printed by Call Printers on Chariot Cartridge. Thread-sewn in wrappers printed at the Press.

96pp. 22 x 14 cm.£15

A Printer’s Dozen

A book with eleven spreads from as yet unrealised books, in a wide variety of types and colours, in which I explored the creative possibilities of complex texts from Pliny to Rimbaud, with notes on each spread and an introduction on the choice of texts for fine printing.

Printed on Arches Vélin and khaki Fabriano Ingres mould-made papers. Quarter-bound in buckram with Cockerell marbled paper boards, in a slip-case.

102pp.  31.5 x 25 cm. 

200 copies.£175

A special edition of eleven copies, each with preparatory material from one of the spreads, is sold out.

The Psalms of David

Miles Coverdale’s translation, as used in the Book of Common Prayer. Hand-set in Eric Gill’s Golden Cockerel Roman – the first use of the type at the Rampant Lions Press – and printed on J Green mould-made paper. Bound by George Miller.

280 copies in quarter vellum with specially designed patterned paper boards, in an acetate wrapper.

152 pp. 34 x 23 cm.   £175

Twenty copies in full vellum out of print.

The Putney Debates

Jack Emery, with lino cuts by Clare Melinsky. The 1647 debates of the New Model Army under Cromwell’s chairmanship, in which the future of the British constitution was discussed, dramatised for radio from the contemporary shorthand record. Clare Melinsky’s lino cuts depict four of the main protagonists, and two full-page colour subjects show the exterior and interior of Putney Church, where the debates took place.

Set in Times New Roman and printed on Zerkall ‘Silurian’ mould-made paper. Bound in quarter buckram with specially-designed patterned paper boards, in a protective slip-case.

96pp. 26 x 17.5 cm. 500 copies.£75

Twenty Two Lions

A pamphlet showing the eleven pressmarks used at the Press since 1934, printed from the original wood, lino or line blocks, and listing the first use of each in a book. Designs by John Buckland Wright, Will and Sebastian Carter, Reynolds Stone, Berthold Wolpe and others. Printed on alternating coloured Bugra Butten and Basingwerk papers, sewn into a card cover.

24pp. 18 x 11 cm. 200 copies.   £15

The Unknown Masterpiece

Honoré de Balzac, in a new translation by Peter Raby. With six aquatints by Thomas Newbolt. Balzac’s novella about the impossibility of perfection in art, which was so admired by Cézanne and Picasso, set in Times New Roman and printed on Zerkall ‘Silurian’ mould-made paper. All the editions have Thomas Newbolt’s beautiful life studies tipped in.

The two special editions are quarter-bound in tawed goatskin with plain oak boards, in a slip-case, and have the original aquatints, printed at the artist’s studio. There are 40 copies signed by the artist and the translator at £490, and 10 copies with an additional portfolio with an extra set of the prints, each signed by Thomas Newbolt, at £900.

The regular edition of 250 copies is bound in quarter cloth with specially-designed patterned paper boards, in a slip-case, with the prints reproduced by duotone offset lithography at the Stinehour Press, Vermont. £75.

52 pp. 26 x 18.5 cm.

The Vanity of Human Wishes

Samuel Johnson, with eight etchings by Denis Tegetmeier. The poem is hand-set in Bembo and printed on grey Hodgkinson mould-made paper. The prints are by Eric Gill’s son-in-law, and were originally commissioned by Douglas Cleverdon in 1929. They were printed on Arches Vélin by the Atelier Georges Leblanc of Paris.

The regular edition of 188 copies is bound in quarter cloth with specially-designed patterned paper boards, in a protective slip-case.

54pp. 32 x 23 cm.   £150

There was a special signed edition of 12 copies in full morocco, with an extra suite of the etchings proofed in 1929, which is out of print.

Vegetable Gardening

An essay by John Carey, with four three-colour lino cuts and a tail-piece by Clare Melinsky. Carey’s text extols the joys of horticultural toil from the standpoint of a dedicated practitioner; in his spare time he is Merton Professor of English at Oxford and the chief book reviewer for the Sunday Times. Set in Octavian and printed on Arches Vélin. Bound in quarter canvas with patterned paper boards, in an acetate jacket.

28pp. 23 x 15 cm. 500 copies.   £35

The edition included a special signed edition of 20 copies, bound by the Phoenix Bindery of Amsterdam, with an extra signed suite of the lino cuts, which is out of print.



Books in sheets        (No trade discounts)

Available for binders. They are supplied as folded and gathered untrimmed signatures, with endpapers included.

Four Quartets

The bound edition is out of print, but two copies remain in sheets. £175.


Not a Rampant Lions Press book, since done after the closure of the Press. The design, screen-printing, cutting and binding are all by Sebastian Carter.


An evocation of the experience of walking down the narrow gorge (the Siq) at Petra in Jordan, as a wordless sequence of images hand cut in different coloured sheets of Canson Mi-Teintes paper, with some screen-printed colour. Sewn on to hide strips which are laced into wooden boards, and presented in a card chemise screen-printed with the title on the front.   37.5 x 26 cm.

Ten copies, of which 8 for sale; a few left at £625.


Bin ends

The following titles printed at the Rampant Lions Press are technically out of print, but a few copies remain, in the condition as stated. In order of publication.

There are no trade discounts on these titles, I’m afraid.

Seven Poems in Pattern

John Farrow, Rampant Lions Press (Will Carter), 1955

One copy. The copies were not individually numbered.

Good/mint: still in glassine wrappers   £35

The poems are religious in tone. The first in the collection, ‘A letter from his commanding officer’, according to the editorial note at the beginning of the book, ‘was written during World War II and was widely circulated in the press and on the radio’.

Portfolio Three One copy

Good condition     £25

The Rampant Lions Press Miscellany (1988), together with Miscellany 2 (1998)

A set of the special edition of each, in series

Mint condition   £500


Books from other publishers

Full price only.

Portraits of Presses

Fleece, Gregynog, IM Imprimit, Old Stile, Rampant Lions, Rocket, Tern and Whittington Presses. Descriptions of the presses and a tipped-in sample of work by their owners, with photographs by Ski Harrison.

Whittington Press, 1997.

One copy as new, at the published price of £165.

Twentieth Century Type Designers

Sebastian Carter. The standard work. ‘Twentieth Century Type Designers is without peer. There is no other book that provides such a comprehensive survey of the work of major typographers in recent history.’ U&lc.

The Lund Humphries paperback edition is now out of print, but there are some copies of earlier editions, including the first Trefoil edition of 1987, the same edition from Taplinger in the USA, Dutch and Danish co-editions (in English) and the hardback Lund Humphries and Norton editions. Please enquire about availability and prices.